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Sociology essay

            In my opinion the best Sociology theory is the Marxist one. This is because the Marxists mainly base their ideology and theories on how the powerful people control the society, which influences how society works today.
             Marxist seems to believe that the working class males commit most crime mainly due to the media which reinforce ideas of materialism into people. Thus, will lead to a materialistic capitalist system, which may force working class to commit crime as they have a lower income and may not be able to afford to buy things like the rest of the society.
             Marxists suggest that the law is controlled by the powerful, this was supported by their ideas of the manipulation of values, where the main stream of the society, the court, the police etc are predominantly middle class and would be biast towards the ruling class. Law creation is another one of Marxists theories that suggested that most laws are passed by members of parliament whom are mainly from the Bourgeoisie. They have the ability to manipulate themselves to the law. Law enforcement happens inconsistently to show why people in control tend to be biast.
             However, when the concept of communism is introduced it means everyone will be equal and own the means of production. To put it another way, the economy will be communally owned. That means there will be no more classes and therefore, no more exploitation and oppression. In addition, because the state only exists to maintain the power of the Bourgeoisie. However, with communal ownership, there are no divided classes, so the state is unnecessary and will "wither away". Generally Marxists mainly concentrate on the class distribution and stress that the ruling class control the norms and values of the society.
             Thus, coming to a conclusion I believe the Marxist ideology in sociology is the best as I have explained above. .

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