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The Emerging Left in Latin America

            The Left in Latin America has always been a factor within the politics of each country. It has even led to the point of total control in different areas several countries such a Venezuela and Bolivia. Venezuela, led by Hugo Chavez from 1998 to 2012 has created many positives for his country while maintaining his leftist stance. The leftist stance creates and support social equality with government control. .
             People of Latin America and in certain countries have lived below poverty for such a long time due to economic downturns and U.S. exploitation of goods. The idea of socialism; government controlled and regulated society has been viewed by people of the Latin American impoverished community in a somewhat positive light. Venezuela in its core traditions is a society formerly led by caudillos and many authoritarian regimes, thus making the shift in 1998 towards Hugo Chavez's leftist views and leadership reasonably easy. Hugo Chavez based his 1998 rise to power on Bolivarian principles. Chavez rose to power on necessity and promise of help for the people and their interest. He gained the lower class' trust by invoking the people against the "squalid ones ", whom Chavez blamed for exploiting the country's oil wealth. By in large though the people put Chavez in office because they were tired of the failed economic policies of former Presidents Perez and Caldera. Chavez and his new "fifth Republic " offered hope and firm direction for the people that simply wanted food and a stable economy. .
             At first however Chavez was met with some opposition towards his economic policy. He also inherited a country and economy in turmoil, prices were in free fall, oil was being sucked away with little profit in return from the age of the aperture. Once elected Chavez was not very successful in his first few years. Between 2001 and 2003 He had to deal with a short-lived coup and a three-month oil stoppage.

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